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Partnerships for Nutrition and Wellness

Partnerships for Improved Nutrition and Wellness

School District 189 is working in partnership with Chartwells Food Service and the University of Illinois Extension to improve nutrition and food services. Through the partnership, the University of Illinois Extension has proved Smarter Lunchroom Assessments to each cafeteria within the district. These assessments are bringing about positive changes to our school lunchrooms while helping us met our district school wellness goals. Furthermore, select District 189 staff are working with Chartwells and the University of Illinois Extension to prepare for Breakfast After the Bell implementation for School Year 2018.  Preparations include pilot breakfast after the bell and breakfast promotional efforts in March and April 2017. Through the partnership, we are also working together to increase youth voice for cafeteria participation (resulting in the placement of a Flavor Station at East St. Louis Senior High School) and an updated and improved district Wellness Policy.

For more information on the Breakfast After the Bell program, click this link: Public Act 99-0850

Sydney Stigge-Kaufman