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Ed Resources During Remote Learning

Details for the School District 189 RETURN TO LEARN plan are provided here. Please take time to carefully review and familiarize yourself with the remote learning, hybrid and traditional models.

Please use the links provided and activities shared by teachers to keep students engaged in academic and social-emotional activities. These free online educational resources are approved by the East St. Louis School District Curriculum Department. 


ESTL 189 Clever Portal Apps used by students during the school day. Great resource for parents and students grades K - 12 in all subjects and for SAT test preparations.

ESTL 189 ELA and Math Resources Handouts and Printable Resources Online library for younger readers

Scholastic Activities Cross-curricular journeys


CollegeBoard livestreams and the course schedule for daily AP courses.


ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS Provides over 400 fun and educational games for Pre-K-6 in reading and math. Uses technology and media through educational games and videos to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity in reading. Free educational games, books, comics, and videos that help develop skills in reading, problem-solving and literacy (K-8). Children ages 3-6 have fun learning to read. This popular kid show has reading games that get the grouch out of anyone for ages 3-6. This popular series of books puts Dr. Seuss in a town of reading fun for ages 3-6. Videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.


MATH Students in Grades 5-8 (plus some select HS courses) can access ALEKS. Numeracy for K - 3 Which one doesn't belong? Thought provoking puzzles. Same but Different Math for building arguments and critiquing reasoning Games and puzzles from all areas Games and activities Games and activities Games and activities Games and activities Games and activities Games and activities








To support the students of our region during the widespread school closings, we have worked with Nine Network, St. Louis’ PBS station, on the Nine PBS Educator and Caregiver Toolkit provide free learning opportunities for educators, parents, and students. This toolkit was created with guidance from education leaders from across the region.   

The toolkit has broadcast, online, and mobile resources, as well as learning tools and tips that can be text messaged to phones. It includes a broadcast and streaming schedule of kids’ programs available by targeted ages, learning goals, air times and links to PBS KIDS apps. The toolkit will be especially useful for our learners in kindergarten through grade 4, but has resources for other grade levels. New things will be added regularly. 

PBS educational programming and resources have been shown by multiple evaluations to be effective tools for teachers and parents. Content is curriculum-based and aligned to respective state standards, and classroom-tested by teachers. Content includes building social and emotional learning, literacy, STEM, social studies and art skills for children across the St. Louis region. In addition, the resources are free and readily accessible.   

This toolkit and other resources are the first step. Nine Network will be creating messages to air daily across their four channels to provide messaging for educators, parents, and children. Nine Network will continue to listen to our region’s educators to adjust and add accordingly.  



Special Olympics Illinois along with Special Olympics Inc. & the WWE is introducing a whole new way to exercise… AT HOME!! Work out with these four videos five times a week to help you stay fit and reach your goals. Each week will begin with Sunday’s workout and finish with Saturday’s workout. Week 1 will begin Sunday, March 22nd! Watch them in order starting with Video 1. Athletes, Unified Partners, Coaches & Family Members are invited to participate! School of Strength website
Work out with the Week 1 Video and stay fit! Week One Fitness Video
What you need to get started:
  • A rug or exercise mat
  • A chair, wall or another sturdy object you can lean on
  • Water and a towel
  • Enough space to spread your arms wide


Week 1 = Sunday, March 22 – Saturday March 28

Week 2 = Sunday, March 29 – Saturday April 4

Week 3 = Sunday, April 5 – Saturday April 11

Week 4 = Sunday, April 12 – Saturday April 18

Making Your Fitness Goals

Fill out a Fitness Tracker to get the most out of your workouts. Download and print out your tracker, and write down when you work out. Seeing your progress on paper can motivate you, help you set realistic fitness goals, and even beat them. Keep track of your weekly progress so you can report back to SOILL every Sunday!

Click here for your month long Fitness Tracker

Get Social

You have been given a template certificate for your achievements. At the end of each week fill out a certificate and snap a picture of yourself holding your certificate.

Click here to download your SOILL School of Strength Weekly Certificate

What’s next!? Send that photo to Carolyn at At the beginning of each week Special Olympics Illinois will compile a collage of all photos submitted! Photos must be sent to Carolyn by 12 Noon on each Sunday!

Keep your eyes open every Monday on Special Olympics Illinois’s social media pages for our School of Strength Collage’s

Get Rewarded! 

Special Olympics Illinois will reward 5 athletes who successfully complete the entire SOILL School of Strength Program. At the end of week 4, athletes who have completed all weekly tasks, will be entered into a random drawing for Special Olympics Illinois prizes!

  • Minimum of 4 videos per day / 5 days per week
    • Each video is 5 – 7 minutes of activity; the goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes total!
  • Complete SOILL School of Strength Google Form at the end of each week (Saturday)
  • Submit photo with completed SOILL-SOS Certificate
Important resources for distance learning, courtesy of the Smithsonian and Library of Congress:
  • The Smithsonian Lab offers high quality resources for those transitioning to distance learning. Educators looking for lessons and activities for students can access important tools here.
  •  By the People offered by the Library of Congress gives students of all ages the ability to explore historical documents such as our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. This interactive website includes lessons and teaching ideas.
  • The Library of Congress Blog is an important resource to find learning activities based off of the Library’s primary resources.
  • Student Discovery Sets are free on iBooks and allow children to have easy access to primary resources. These sets use historical artifacts and documents from a wide variety of subjects to teach our children.
  • Classic children’s books are available to children and teachers to read online.
  • The Library of Congress digital collections give educators access to Library content from all across U.S. history.
  • For those interested in STEM education, the House Comintern on Science, Space, and Technology has put together a document that gives teachers access to content in this field.
COUNSELING DEPARTMENT RESOURCES:  Parchment (To Order transcripts)                  Complete your FAFSA 
SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SENIORS                         Log into Clever to get into Naviance to look up scholarships and research colleges.       Many local scholarships are here (i.e. Omega Psi Phi, Dr. Lillian Parks, and AKA to name a few)                         Illinois assistance college planning and financial aid via phone, email, text, and webinar.                         Many Scholarships linked to HBCU's             National Scholarships
Any academic questions and concerns can be addressed by the school counselors:
Fionaa Hill                       Senior Counselor
LaTongia Spencer         Junior Counselor
Bernetta Matory        Sophomore Counselor
Derrick Givens            Freshman Counselor
Kareem Mateen          College and Career Counselor
Deborah Hannah         Counselor
Mattalue Ellis             Counselor
Nicole Fulton               Counselor
Cindy Geragosian         Counselor
Darralyn Grimmitt-Hill    Counselor
Staccy Lampkin