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Board Policies are now Searchable Online

Official School District 189 Policy is now fully searchable and available for staff and the public online.  This enables you to view and search the district's policy manual at any time.
In addition to reducing paper costs and providing 24-hour-a-day access, the online system increases transparency in the way we do business.
The online policy manual includes interactive links to relevant statues, regulations and/or case law related to a specific policy. The service also includes a search engine to help users find the reference they are seeking. By clicking the Recent Revisions link, you can immediately see which policies were recently updated and when.  You can even download PDF files and/or print individual policies from this online source.
This online, interactive policy manual allows the administration, staff and community to all become familiar with the policy manual. Please check it out!
The online policy can be found on our district website by navigating here: 
  1. Go to District homepage:
  2. Scroll over the "Board of Education" tab (near top left)
  3. Scroll down and click on "Policies and Procedures"
  4. Click the blue hyper link provided 
The direct web link can also be found here: School District 189 Board Policy