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School Began Monday, August 14, 2023!


School began on Monday, August 14, 2023! 

Uniform & Dress Code Information

School uniforms for students in preschool through grade 8 are as follows:
· Navy blue, khaki or black: Slacks, skirts, jumpers or shorts
· White, black, navy blue or powder blue: Shirts/blouses
· Closed-toe shoes with backing (any color)
High school students are NOT required to wear a school uniform, but they must adhere to the Dress Code, which can be reviewed in section 6.20 of the Student Handbook, here:

High School students are required to conform to the uniform dress code as adopted by the Board of Education while on school property and/or in attendance at school-sponsored activities. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing or attire that is contrary to acceptable health and safety standards, or may disrupt the education process or learning atmosphere. Students whose dress causes a substantial disruption of the orderly process of school functions or endangers the health or safety of the student, other students, staff or others may be subject to discipline.

Students are expected to wear clothing in a neat, clean, and well-fitting manner while on school property and/or in attendance at school-sponsored activities.  Students are to use discretion in their dress and are not permitted to wear apparel that causes a substantial disruption in the school environment. 

All students’ dress will conform to the following* (does not include clothing designated for religious reasons):

  • Student dress (including accessories) may not advertise, promote, or picture alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, violent behavior, or other inappropriate images.

  • Student dress (including accessories) may not display lewd, vulgar, obscene, or offensive language or symbols, including sexual innuendo, RIP images, gang affiliation/symbols or occult references.

  • Students must remove their head coverings upon entering the building.  Hats, coats, bonnets, scarves, bandannas, sweat bands, and sunglasses may not be worn in the building during the school day.  Up to 3” flat headbands are allowable. 

  • Hair styles, dress, and accessories that pose a safety hazard are not permitted in the shop, laboratories, or during physical education.  

  • Clothing with holes, rips, tears, and clothing that is otherwise poorly fitting, showing undergarments and/or skin may not be worn at school. Ripped pants or jeans are only allowed if leggings are used underneath to cover the skin.  No tank tops.

  • The length of shorts or skirts must be appropriate for the school environment.  Students’ skirt hems must come to the top of their knees.  A two inch hem allowance will be granted provided the student is wearing black (solid color) tights, jeggings, or leggings.  Skin-tight attire such as tube dresses, liquid pants, jeggings and leggings are not allowed to be worn alone.

  • Pants or jeans must be worn at the waist so that undergarments and midriff skin are not visible.  If a belt is needed to secure pants at the waist, it should be used.

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Students must wear close-toed shoes with a backing (no high heels, slippers, or flip flops).

  • No accessories with sharp or pointed protrusions.

  • All worn jackets, hoodies, and sweaters must comply with the dress code. Hoods must NOT be worn in the building.

  • If there is any doubt about dress and appearance, the building principal will make the final decision.  

  • Students must remain in school uniform / dress code for the duration of the school day, except during remote learning. During any remote learning session, students should be appropriately dressed, following all other dress code requirements.

  • Students must follow CDC or IDPH guidance concerning face coverings when enforced.

School Supply Lists

Only CLEAR BACKPACKS are allowed at East St. Louis School District 189 (preschool through grade 12).  Alternatively, students may use binders.  Clear backpacks are available for purchase from a number of retailers, including Personal Touch Boutique in East St. Louis, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and others.
Please see the School Supply Lists:

School Calendar

Please review the approved School Year 2023-2024 Calendar for key information about when school is in session or on break.  Every Wednesday is an early release by one hour.

Bell Schedule


VIVIAN ADAMS EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER (Pre-K): School Starts: 9:00 am     Dismissal: 3:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:30 pm


AVANT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-5):    School Starts: 8:30 am Dismissal: 3:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:30 pm

DUNBAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-4): School Starts: 8:30 am  Dismissal: 3:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:30 pm

OFFICER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-4): School Starts: 8:30 am  Dismissal: 3:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:30 pm

WRIGHT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (PreK-4): School Starts: 8:30 am  Dismissal: 3:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:30 pm


YOUNGE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (K-7): School Starts: 8:00 am Dismissal: 3:00 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:00 pm

BUSH ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTER (Middle School):  School Starts: 8:30 am   Dismissal 2:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 1:30 pm

BUSH ALTERNATIVE LEARNING CENTER (High School):  School Starts: 8:00 am   Dismissal 3:00 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:00 pm


LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 5-8):  School Starts: 8:00 am   Dismissal 3:00 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:00 pm

MASON/CLARK MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 5-8):  School Starts: 8:00 am  Dismissal 3:00 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 2:00 pm


EAST ST. LOUIS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-12):   School Starts: 7:30 am   Dismissal: 2:30 pm   Early Dismissal (every Wednesday): 1:30 pm


Update Important Student Information in Skyward



Current COVID Protocols
East St. Louis School District 189 follows current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines as it relates to COVID in the educational environment as well as joint guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois State Board of EducationWe also continue to work in partnership with our local health department for guidance. 
COVID testing is no longer available at the schools. Individuals may test for COVID with an at-home testing kit or with a healthcare provider (such as East Side Health District, located at 638 N 20th St, East St Louis, IL 62205)
Stay Home When Sick
Individuals who have symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, such as cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea should stay home. COVID testing is recommended for those with symptoms of COVID as soon as possible after symptoms begin. Staff who are sick or test positive for COVID must utilize their own leave.
Regardless of vaccination status, if you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID, wear a mask as soon as you find out you were exposed. Day 0 is the final day you were exposed and Day 1 is the first full day after exposure. Continue masking for 10 days. Test for COVID on Day 6.
Regardless of vaccination status, if someone tests positive for COVID, they must isolate from others for 5 days. Day 0 is the day tested. If you had no symptoms or your symptoms are improving and you have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, you can end isolation after Day 5. Wear a mask when around others for an additional 5 days. See CDC guidance for further details and follow guidance issued from healthcare providers. After a positive test, please notify individuals with whom you have had close contact. 

New Student Registration

New students in grades 9-12 can enroll at East St. Louis Senior High School after July 6.  Please complete the SY 23 High School Enrollment Form found Here .To complete the enrollment process for new students in grades 9-12th, please contact or call 618-646-3700 for more information.

New incoming K-8 students can enroll by appointment at the Family and Community Engagement Center (401 Katherine Dunham Place). For more information, please contact or call 618-646-3130.

Preschool students can enroll at Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center. For more information, please call 618-646-3930.

If your child is currently enrolled in School District 189, you do not have to re-register but you must provide updated contact and emergency information and updated immunization records. This can be completed during the summer at the Family and Community Engagement Center (401 Katherine Dunham Place) or at your student's school orientation in August. Updated information must be collected by Monday, August 14th, the first day of school in 2023.

Registration for RETURNING students can be completed online: steps can be found here.  Due to transportation changes and immunization requirements, we ask parents to UPDATE their student's records through the online Skyward portal listed on the link above. If you do not remember your Skyward login information, please contact your school office for assistance.

If you have questions regarding returning student registration, please contact your child's school. For details, refer to our SCHOOLS DIRECTORY

NEW students enrolling in the District should complete a packet and gather all necessary documents including updated physical and immunization records.  To complete registration, the following documents are needed:

1. Child Identification: Original State Certified Birth Certificate 

2. Parent Identification: Valid Driver's License, Valid State ID or Valid Voter's Registration Card

3. Two Proofs of Residency: Current utility bill for gas, water or electricity; signed deed, occupancy permit with your name on it

4. Current Health Records: State of Illinois Physical Examination Form including all immunization information; dental exam; eye exam (by eye doctor).

A guardian will need to schedule an in-person appointment* to complete the NEW student enrollment. Please call 618-646-3130 or email to schedule appointments before coming to:


401 Katherine Dunham Place

East St Louis, IL 62201

KINDERGARTEN registration only: Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2023.

PRESCHOOL enrollment and registration is by appointment only at the Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center (501 Katherine Dunham Place).  Parents must make an appointment by calling 618-646-3290.  

New Preschool Student Registration Forms

English Language version

Spanish Language version

Returning Preschool Student Registration Forms

English Version

Spanish Version

District 189 School Enrollment / Registration Application

Now enrolling new K-8 students at the Family and Community Engagement Center:

James E. Williams Center

401 Katherine Dunham Place

East St. Louis, IL 62201

**Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm**

(618) 646-3130 

Note: Kindergartners should be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2022 to begin Kindergarten in District 189. 

Kindergarten students who are not registered by August 1 may have a delay in bus transportation, so register early! 


1. Child Identification: Original State Certified Birth Certificate

2. Parent Identification: Parent Photo ID (e.g. State ID, FOID Card or Driver's License)

3. Proof of Residency: (Only one per category)

    • Property Deed in your name or recent Mortgage Statement (homeowners), OR
    • Lease Agreement (signed and dated), OR
    • Occupancy Permit, OR
    • Voter's Registration Card
  • AND
    • Current Driver's License, OR
    • State Medical Card, OR
    • Most recent Utility Bills (Gas, Water, Electric, etc.)

4. Health Records

  • State of Illinois Physical Examination Form (including immunization history)
  • Dental Exam Record
  • Eye Exam Record

5. Student Academic Records (if entering grades 1st-12th)

  • ISBE Student Transfer Form
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Proof of 8th Grade Promotion (if entering 9th grade)

6. Student Registration Forms: Complete registration forms before you go.

7. Special Education Paperwork (if applicable)

  • Special Education Student Transfer Form
  • Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.)
  • Psychological Evaluation Report
  • Notice of Recommended Educational Program 

Additional Notes

If you are living with someone who is a resident in School District 189, they will need to come in with you to register your child.

If you have custody of the student and are a resident of School District 189, you must bring proof of guardianship.  

If you are renting in the School District 189 area and do not have a lease, a) your landlord must come with you to verify your lease agreement and b) the landlord will need to bring proof of ownership of the property.

If your child does not have a number, please contact the Social Security Office at 1-800-772-1213. Under federal law, however, East St. Louis School District 189 will enroll your child even if he or she does not have a Social Security number.

Immunization Records

East St. Louis School District 189 follows the mandates of the Illinois Department of Public Health with regards to required immunizations for our students.

Students entering preschool, kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grades, and new students to the district must present proof of the required state of Illinois physical examination and immunizations.

The Centers for Disease Control and the Illinois Department of Public Health encourage all individuals ages 6 months and older to become vaccinated against COVID-19. Please read this letter from the Illinois State Board of Education that provides clarity about the COVID-19 vaccine for parents. ISBE Letter to Parents