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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

School District 189 is committed to providing instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.

Our families and community are integral to the success of our students and schools. Families are active, engaged and welcomed partners. Our schools are vital centers of community life and are welcoming to all families. Parents and guardians are among the greatest influencers of youth and are essential partners to inspire youth to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our world.

Local civic and community organizations partner with us to promote family engagement and the well-being and success of our students, both in school and out of school. We are working together to offer an enriched learning environment and a comprehensive system of supports to address the needs of the whole child. Our community is passionate about equitable educational outcomes for all students.

School District 189 believes in cultivating sustainable partnerships at the system and school levels to create a permanent service delivery system that connects corporate and community resources with schools to meet student needs with fidelity and equity.

Strategic Partnerships provide opportunities for a wide variety of public and private organizations, including higher education, non-profits and business entities, to implement a broad range of activities including, for example:

  • Creating a college and career readiness culture within schools and the broader community,

  • Aligning resources and training to advance the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies among youth,

  • Strengthening cooperation between organizations to develop and advance aligned, effective systems for supporting youth,

  • Promoting cooperation between local stakeholders to develop new systems for training youth providers and sharing data to best support youth readiness and well-being,

  • Advancing youth career exploration and the development of career readiness skills,

  • Promoting youth voice in areas of decision-making and active citizenship among young people.

Contact Us:

Sydney Stigge-Kaufman, Executive Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships


Phone:  618-646-3086

Tiffany Taylor, Grants and Strategic Partnerships Specialist


Phone:  618-646-3337