• School District 189's Transportation department provides student transportation services to resident public and private school students in accordance with Illinois State Board of Education.  All regular education students who live 1.5 miles are greater from their school will be provided bus transportation services.  The transportation services for special need students will be determined by the Special Education Department and included in the student’s IEP.  This will dictate if transportation services will be door to door or if the student is considered inclusive and assigned to a regular educational route.

    Student pickup and drop-off times are APPROXIMATE.  Buses could arrive before or after the stated time.  Students shall arrive at bus stops 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

    Riding the bus is a privilege.  Each student is required by the Board of Education to adhere to the rules of conduct.  Non-compliance with these rules may result in the loss of bus riding privileges and/or suspension.

    Department Mission Statement:  Providing Better Service and a Safer Ride. 

    For after hours concerns, please contact Illinois Central Bus Company at 618-394-1900.


    Transportation Reimbursement Applications

    Parents or guardians who prefer to receive transportation reimbursement to take their student to and/or from school rather than use the school bus service can apply at your child's school office.  Please see the building principal or clerk.  Transportation reimbursement begins once the application and W-9 has been received and approved.

    Please note that mileage is reimbursed at the Federal Government Rate. The number of days you will be reimbursed is based on your child's attendance at school.  Reimbursement checks will be made at the end of the summer.


    reimbursement application flyer

  • Contact Us:

    Dr. Lawrence Tourijigian, Director of Student Information, Transportation, and 21st Century Community Learning Centers

    Email:  lawrence.tourijigian@estl189.com

    Phone:  618-646-3192


    LaQuita Epps, Transportation Liaison

    Email:  laquita.epps@estl189.com

    Phone:  618-646-3061


    Illinois Central Transportation Company-for after hours support

    Phone: 618-394-1900

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