• School District 189 is providing Educational Technology solutions to assist educators with integrating technology into their instructional practices while expanding the ways we use data for research and accountability.  With educational technology as our focus, teachers learn technology-enhanced instructional strategies and tech-rich resources to use with students.  Students also have access to educational resources used in the classroom and recommended resources for use at home and on the go.  

    Technological advances have changed the way we live and learn in this information age. Our district employs Skyward as its Student Management System which provides our administrators, staff, teachers, and families with online access to the following data:

    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Discipline
    • Special Programs

    As a result, School District 189 uses data for decision-making, state and federal reporting requirements, and technology integration. 

    Our mission is to provide the technical support, instructional tools, training, and resources needed to cultivate 21st-century learning environments in all of our schools, grades Pre-K to 12.  Research shows that learning with technology has a positive impact on student achievement. Our goal is to give our students and teachers the professional development resources needed to become more comfortable with using technology for educational purposes, thereby promoting lifelong learning for students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents.

    State standards require teachers to incorporate the use of technology into their instructional practices and national technology standards charge school districts to ensure their students are digitally literate. Most of our district’s curriculum adoptions require teachers to use technology in instruction, while all of our state and national assessments are computer-based. In our district, it is crucial to utilize educational technology effectively in curriculum and instruction, while keeping national and state standards and data in mind.

    School District 189 has made access to technology and investments in educational technologies a priority. Our district continues to build the capacity of students and teachers with a focus on college and career readiness, student achievement, and excellence.

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    Educators, check out the EdTech Resources Website! Find the link in Clever or Click Here.



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  • Educational Technology Initiatives:

    Techie Tuesdays and Wired Wednesdays - Monthly technology professional development is provided after school based on the need for ongoing technology training sessions for teachers in School District 189.  Teachers learn new instructional technology strategies and receive CPDU credits.

    Technology Leader Program - Teachers who have a high level of mastery with the use of technology in the classroom were identified as Technology Leader Teachers in each school.  Technology Leader Teachers receive paid professional development, a district-issued laptop for instructional use, and a stipend for the year funded by the Educator Equity Grant.

    After-School Technology Clubs - Several schools in School District 189 have after-school Technology Clubs for students as a part of our Technology Leader Program.  Students use the Dash and Dot curriculum, the Hour of Code, and other computer science-centered activities.

    ISTI Mentor Matching Engine - School District 189 received a grant from the 60 by 25 Network to help fund partnerships with the private sector to expose students to technology challenge projects. Students who have participated in the after-school technology club activities at the high school will be attending the ISTI STEM Challenge in Chicago, IL on April 27, 2017.