• School District 189 wants to ensure that all students are at school every day - healthy, supported, and ready to learn. We focus on fostering a positive culture and climate with welcoming environments and high-quality instruction that supports the health and social-emotional well-being of every student. 
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    If you or someone you know is struggling, please know it is okay to ask for help.  Many of us need additional emotional or mental health support.  Help is available.  School District 189 has caring, trauma-informed adults at each school ready to meet student needs.  Students who need someone to talk with should ask for the School Social Worker.  Additionally, School District 189 students can view these numbers on the back of their student ID cards when more resources are needed:
    • If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1.
    • If you feel suicidal, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
    • If you want help via text, text HOME to 741741.
    • If you want to explore complicated issues ( like mental health, trauma, bullying, substance abuse or challenges with friends) freely and confidentially, visit the Ripple Effects site through your Clever app. 
    • If you need Chromebook or Skyward help, call 618-646-3322.

    SPEAK UP 189!
    Are you concerned about the safety of yourself or a friend or classmate? You can report bullying, planned fights, weapons at school, students in crisis or other urgent situations by emailing speakup@estl189.com or by calling/texting 618.515.2165 and sharing your concern. Reports are confidential so nobody will know you made the report. Let's keep our schools safe.
    Safe2Help Illinois
    Safe2Help Illinois is a 24/7 program where students can use a free app, text/phone, and website (Safe2HelpIllinois.com) to "Seek Help Before Harm."
    Trained youth mental health professionals are available in real time 24/7 to address youth in crisis. Always available. Always confidential. In English and Spanish.
    They support students dealing with bullying, depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, LGBTQIA, suicidal ideation and more.
    Call: 844-4-SAFEIL
    Text: SAFE2 (72332)
    Email: HELP@Safe2HelpIL.com  
    Website resources: Safe2HelpIllinois.com
    Safe2HelpIL sign with 1-833-4-SAFEIL number to call for help.

    School social workers are at school to assist with advice, support and resources for you and your family to help solve problems that may negatively impact your learning. They also have confidentiality rules and cannot disclose what you share with them unless you talk about hurting yourself, hurting someone else, or child abuse and neglect. Even then, they only share on a need-to-notice basis in order to get you the help you need! 
    These staff are available to help:

    Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center

    Tori Kruel 618.646.8243

    James Avant Elementary School

    Antaniece Carter 618.646.6919

    Charles Jennings 618.646.3870

    Gordon Bush Alternative School

    Chea Wyatt 618.646.7519

    Lynneshea Walls 618.646.7563

    Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School

    Aquilla Dover 618.646.6618

    Nicole Young 618.646.6613

    Annette Officer Elementary School

    Duane Gill 618.646.7905

    Dr. Tamiko Timberson 618.646.7918

    Dr. Katie Harper-Wright Elementary School

    Betty Tidwell 618.646.6812

    Jovonda Winters 618.646.6819

    Mason/Clark Middle School

    Monica Allen Delores Ballard-Enlow - 5th grade - 618.646.2026

    Nichole Sailor - 7th grade - 618.646.2021

    Alena Armstead - 8th grade - 618.646.2085

    Lincoln Middle School

    Michael Turner - 5th grade - 618.646.5026

    Latosha Carter - 6th grade -618.646.5028

    Joy Walker - 7th/8th grade - 618.646.5023

    Jay Ashford - 618.646.5030

    Wvyetter Younge School of Excellence

    Catrice Johnson 618.646.4012

    Ariel Mosley 618.646.4023

    East St. Louis Senior High School

    Kenyawna Love - 9th grade - 618.646.1019

    Avia Brown - 10th grade - 618.646.1016  

    Octavia Scott - 11th and 12th grades - 618.646.3319


    Mental Health Days

    Illinois Public Act 102-0321 (Senate Bill 1577) went into effect January 2022.  This act allows students to take up to five mental or behavioral health days per year.  In these cases, a student is not required to provide a medical note.  They will be expected to make up any schoolwork missed during such absences.  Following the second claimed mental health day, a student may be referred to a school social worker.  Read the Illinois State Board of Education's Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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