• Ms. Ellis

    1. What is your job title?
      Academic School Counselor 
    2. What is your favorite thing about your job?
      Working with at-risk students, getting them to believe in themselves, and helping them to have the desire to want more even when the odds are against them. Also being an advocate for students, helping them understand it’s not too late to change, helping them to understand the importance of focusing more on their academics, controlling their emotions, and expressing themselves socially with control.
    3. What is an accomplishment of yours that you are proud of?
      I am proud of being a child who was raised in East St. Louis. I am proud of going to college getting multiple degrees and having the opportunity to service my community as an Officer.
    4. What is something that you want to learn more about?
      I would love to learn how to start an outreach program for troubled youth.

    For any questions relating to counseling, please contact me at mattalue.ellis@estl189.com!

    Ms. Ellis' headshot