• Arrival to School

    Student Procedures:

    • When you enter the front door open your bags
      for security to check
    • Power off all cell phones until 3:00 p.m.
    • Sign your name and time on the Sign In Sheet
    • Enter the cafeteria for breakfast
    • Remain seated until dismissed for 1st Hour class

    School Tardy Rules

    • School Begins at 8:00 a.m. anyone entering
      the building after that time must report to the
      office for a tardy pass.
    • Three (3) tardies in any weeks time will
      require the student to serve an After School
      Detention (ASD)
    • Anyone coming to school after 9:00 a.m.
      must be accompanied by a parent or have
      called the school by 8:30 a.m.

    Locker Times:

    • Students are allowed in
      lockers only at these times:  Before School, Before and After Lunch, After School

    When there is an announcement…

    When a school wide announcement is
    made over the intercom system the
    students will stop whatever the activity is
    they are working on and listen at a voice
    level of “0”.

    When there is a visitor…

    All Visitors must report to the main
    office to see an administrator first.

    Any visitor who comes in the classroom
    should be treated with respect.

    Students will respond in a polite
    greeting, listen silently for instruction
    from teacher or continue working.

    Arrival to Class

    • When you arrive at your class, the
      teacher will greet you at the door.
    • Students will enter the classroom quietly.
    • When you enter the classroom please be
      seated at your assigned seat.
    • Prepare yourself for the class.

    When you are tardy to class

    • Enter the classroom quietly.
    • Fill-out the tardy log near the door.
    • Have a seat and get to work.

    If excused: clip on the tardy slip/note
    on the tardy log.

    NOTE: Teacher will submit list of 3 tardies weekly to Administration and truancy

    Hall Passes

    • No hall passes during the following: First 15 minutes of class., During Instruction (Guided Practice), Last 15 minutes of class.

    NOTE: There is only one hall pass issued at a time, emergencies only.

    When Class Begins

    • The bell ringing is a procedure to tell you that it is time to begin class.
    • When you enter the class, you are to begin your Do Now Exercise.
    • There should be no talking or moving about during the Do Now Exercise.  NOTE:If you finish before the allotted time, set quietly and write the objective for day in your notebook.