• FACE Center Logo Department Mission Statement:  “Connecting the Dots for Educational Success!”

    The vision of the School District 189 Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center is to work to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed in life, postsecondary education, and their future careers. Parents and families share the same desires for their children. When families, schools, and communities partner to promote learning and healthy development in all children, students thrive and student outcomes increase. Simply put, research states that when parents are actively engaged with their children's education, whether in home or school, students do better academically. Regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, students with involved parents are more likely to earn high grades and test scores, enroll in higher level programs, attend school regularly, show improved behavior, and develop better social skills (Henderson & Mapp, 2002). Additionally, effective family engagement systems understand that policies and practices are mindful of diverse school-communities that are rich in language, culture, and school experiences and support the whole family.

    The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center is supported by the Director of Parent and Student Support Services, Dr. Tiffany Gholson. The FACE Center provides a variety of programming, resources, and training to support parent and family engagement. Mrs. Zorina Ann Brown is the Family and Community Engagement Coordinator and Ms. Liz Gusewelle, Ms. Rhonda Jones, and Ms. Jasmine Mosley round out the team. 


  • Title 1 Lead Parent Programming

    Lead Parents are identified in each school to provide direct support to parents and to assist in communication for PTO/PTA and other family and school events. They host the Parent Rooms of each school, which are filled with an information bulletin board, computer, and ongoing resources for schools to positively interact with families.

    Parent University

    Parent University is a learning portal for families that will cover topics such as Effective Black Parenting, GED preparation, Effectively Advocating for Your Child, Harvest to Table Gardening, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking, Understanding Your Child’s IEP, Understanding Mental Illness in the Black Community, Skyward Training for Parents, East Side Works Curriculum (Soft Skills), Dads are Parents Too, family bonding activities and more.

    Ms. Dottie’s Garden

    The garden will be a learning portal for groups of families each year as they learn to plant and nurture a garden, harvest herbs and vegetables, understand nutrition and practice cooking recipes, later in the season learn how to pickle, can and sell harvested foods. It will also be a place of peace for those families as they learn the physical and mental health benefits of gardening.

    Resource Center

    Our resource center is ever-growing and filled with information beneficial for families and the community. 

    Homeless/Family in Transition Services

    The FACE Center conducts intake for our homeless families and families in transition by providing them with uniforms, school supplies, toiletries, and other resources.

    FACE Clothing Closet

    This space will gather donations including coats, shoes through donation drives we will host throughout the year.

    New Students/Centralized Enrollment

    Enrollment at the FACE Center will increase our goals of maintaining good communication through updated student information including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for access to Skyward Family Access. This also supports a healthy environment by ensuring immunizations, dental exams, vision exams, and physicals are complete and allows us to better support other needs such as ELL/ESL, special education, foster care, and military families.

    Transcripts, Records, and Archives Services

    The Face Center will provide access to historical educational documents as well as assist our students and their families as they continue their careers and postsecondary education. There is a fee to request records.

    Parent Support Center Hotline

    To maintain open lines of communication, we are here to assist with concerns after they cannot be satisfactorily addressed at the school campus level.

    Skyward Family Access Center

    We are excited to support Skyward's online Family Access Center. In the Skyward Family Access Center, you will be able to view the following important information regarding your child's educational experience in District 189: Grades, District and School Calendars, Upcoming Assignments, Messages from your child's school & teachers, Class Schedules, and Attendance Records.  This is also the place to manage emergency phone/email contact information.

    WrapAround Services

    The FACE Center will provide Wraparound services as an intensive, comprehensive method of engaging with families with complex needs (most typically children, youth, and their families) so that they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams.

    Key Communicator Network Meetings

    This quarterly meeting is an open invite for families to speak directly to the Superintendent and find out about programming, issues, and express concerns.

    Flyers Feeding Families Food Pantry

    School District 189 along hosts a monthly food drive on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm. The current location takes place at Wyvetter Younge at 3939 Caseyville Dr, East St. Louis.


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