• Gordon Bush Alternative Center Student Council

    The purpose(s) of Gordon Bush Alternative Center Student Council are to:

    • Promote and maintain school spirit amongst students and staff
    • Provide means for students to express their feelings and opinions
    • Develop students leadership skills by creating and organizing social and recreational events
    • Establish closer cooperation between faculty and students, and promote the general welfare of the community

    Who is involved in Student Council?

    • Aaron Jenkins (President, 12th grade)
    • Tramahd Winters (Treasurer, 11th grade)
    • Ms. Morales (Fundraising Advisor)
    • Ms. Wright (Events Advisor)
    • Mrs. Johnson (Community Service Advisor)
    • Mrs. Tedder (Public Relations Advisor)
    • Mrs. Angeli and Ms. Mosley (Middle School Advisors)