• Counselor's Corner

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    Counselor's Mission and Vision Statement

    Mason Clark Middle School counseling program is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to facilitate their academic, career, social, and emotional development. 

     Mason Clark Middle School Counselors adhere to the limits of confidentiality. When student presents clear and imminent danger to self or to others or if student is being abused the information will be reported to appropriate authorities. It is required by law that confidentiality be broken in the cases aforementioned and we will do so in order to protect our students and to uphold the legal and ethical standards of our profession. 


    Counseling Information
    The purpose of the school counseling program is to support and promote student development. It is an integral part of the educational program. Organized and implemented by licensed school counselors, with the support of parents, teachers, administrators and students the program is designed to :

     Foster positive attitudes toward school learning

     Improve academic achievement

     Encourage personal responsibility

     Foster respect for self and others

     Facilitate educational and career planning


    The Middle School Counseling Program is designed to focus on improving school climate and increasing academic performance. School wide programs focus on bullying prevention and character education.

    Grade level programs focus on career and college awareness, academic skills, and personal/ social development. Each student is assigned to a grade level counselor.

    Counselors offer:

     classroom guidance
     individual counseling
     small group counseling
     Restorative Practice

    They also work closely with teachers and administrators to provide the best learning environment for each child. Counselors are available to parents and students on an individual basis for assistance with concerns that affect the student at home or school.