Our School

  • Annette Officer Elementary School serves 393 students. The school is staffed by 1 principal, 1 assistant principal,1 reading teacher, 1 instructional coach, 23 teachers, 1 P.E. teacher, 3 para-professionals, 2 auxiliary aides, 2 personal care aides, 2 full time social worker,1 part-time nurse, 1 part-time speech pathologist, 4 cooks, 3 crossing guards, and 3 custodians.  

    School Mission Statement:

    We nurture, educate, and inspire independent learners in our community of excellence


    School Vision Statement:

     Officer Elementary School exists to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for ALL students and staff. Cultivating a culture of high expectations, we envision bringing into existence model students and the future productive citizen.


    Core Values:  

    Building Stronger Communities/Partnerships within the school, classroom, and neighborhood.


    School Motto:  “Excellence and Greatness….Our Destiny”


    School Programs: 

    • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant
    • 21st Century
    • Basketball
    • Cheerleaders
    • Pom Pon
    • Safety Patrol
    • PBIS
    • PTO/PTA
    • Shield Testing
    • Student Leadership Team (Officer’s GEMS)

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