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Urban Education Teacher Residency Program

East St. Louis Urban Education Teacher Residency Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the East St. Louis Urban Education Teacher Residency Program to improve teaching and learning and to advance student achievement in all East St. Louis School District 189 schools by increasing the effectiveness of teachers, and other school leaders.  The TRP is a one-year, full time teacher preparation program that recruits talented college graduates and career changers who have a passion for education in urban classrooms and gives them the tools needed to make an immediate, culturally responsive impact in East St. Louis.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the TRP is to establish a pipeline for recruitment and retention of high-quality new teachers capable of teaching our student population.  District 189 has partnered with National Louis University (NLU) to assist individuals studying for a Master’s degree in the Urban Ed TRP.  In the TRP, residents will experience an intensive full-year practicum in District 189 classrooms under the direction and guidance of District 189 building administrators, Master Teachers (MT), and a Mentor Resident Leader (MRL).  In addition to taking typical courses to complete their education degree, resident teachers will also receive specialized urban education training and support from our partner, the Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL), to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to most effectively teach the student population District 189 serves.

Master Teachers - The Master Teacher position will provide a unique opportunity for seasoned teachers to take on leadership and growth roles without leaving the classroom they love.  With the help of AUSL, District 189 will select and train master teachers who will supervise two residents. Master Teachers will receive a stipend to compensate them for this added responsibility.  They will also participate in monthly professional development geared to support their work as Master Teachers charged to help prepare Residents to become confident teachers in our District.

Residents - Residents will be full-time participants who have already earned Bachelors degrees by June 2018, and will receive a monthly stipend as they work toward earning a Masters degree in Education through a predetermined District training site.  Each Resident will receive a $30,000 stipend to be disbursed over the course of the school year.  All residents will participate in an intensive summer orientation and will be carefully matched with Master Teachers.  Throughout the year, residents will assist the master teacher in the day-to-day responsibilities of classroom teaching.  Residents will receive constant feedback on instructional practices so that they will grow with experience and improve consistency of practice over time.  Upon completion of the full-year practicum, residents will become eligible for an Illinois Educator License and will make a three year commitment to remain in District 189 as classroom teachers. Interested? Click here.



Mentor Resident Leader - The role of the MRL will be to support and evaluate.  The MRL will provide three levels of coaching support: 1) active coaching (provided in the moment), 2) practice coaching (role-play with a student during a lesson and/or a behavior management scenario with directive, immediate feedback), and 3) observational coaching (more traditional role of coaching as a result of observation).