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New Leaders Program


As part of East St. Louis School District 189’s Teacher and School Leader proposal to the U.S. Department of Education, New Leaders will work with teacher leaders, assistant principals, principals, and principal supervisors through delivery of Emerging Leaders and a hybrid Principal Institute/Principal Supervisor cohort. This support will provide tailored development focused on five key leadership competencies: instructional, adult, culture, operational, and personal leadership. These competencies—codified in New Leaders’ Transformational Leadership Framework™—are proven as essential to school improvement. Together, New Leaders and East St. Louis School District 189 will improve school outcomes by working with leaders at every level in the district so that all kids have access to even better schools.


New Leaders was founded in 2000 by a team of social entrepreneurs, based upon the core beliefs that: 1) every student can achieve at high levels; 2) all adults must take personal responsibility for student learning and achievement; 3) great schools are led by great leaders; 4) with access to outstanding public education, all students can unlock their fullest potential in the classroom and in life; and 5) delivering high-quality public education to all students is critical to a just society. After a decade primarily training aspiring principals, New Leaders broadened its work in order to develop more leaders who reach more students with greater impact. They now also work with school systems to build the kinds of policies and practices that allow strong leaders to succeed in driving academic excellence for students. New Leaders is distinguished among competitors by 1) scale, 2) evidence of impact, and 3) program continuum.

Brief Program Descriptions

Emerging Leaders takes talented teachers, coaches, and assistant principals and prepares them with the key skills they need to be effective leaders. Program participants receive expert coaching as they lead a team of teachers in their own schools. Participants apply what they are learning right away, delivering results for students even while training is ongoing. Emerging Leaders helps partners build a robust pipeline of well-prepared future leaders.

Principal Institute uses New Leaders’ research-tested content and training model to provide targeted, job-connected support to current principals and assistant principals. Principal Institute reshapes professional development for principals and assistant principals with participants mastering practices needed to tackle real challenges in their schools. Working with local districts and partners, New Leaders analyzes principals’ strengths and learning needs and co-designs a targeted scope and sequence that meets their needs. New Leaders then pulls from a comprehensive library of leadership modules to design and deliver training sessions.