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Department Overview


The Teacher and School Leader Incentive Grant was awarded to East St. Louis School District 189 by the U.S. Department of Education as one of 14 awardees in the nation. The newly formed TSL Department is based on three programs targeting improvements for improved academic achievement.  The TSL grant allows for incentives to teachers, administrators, and other school leaders in an effort to build our human capital management system in our District.

The TSL program will be comprised of three major components: 1) a teacher residency program, 2) a New Leaders program, and 3) a Performance-based compensation system.  The East St. Louis Urban Education Teacher Residency Program will create a pipeline for recruitment and retention in partnership with AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership).  The New Leaders program will improve and support leadership development in SD 189.  Finally, the Performance-Based Compensation System will provide financial benefits to teachers tied to student growth and attainment.

Program Mission Statement:

The Teacher and School Leader Incentive Program (TSL) will focus on improving human capital management systems (HCMSs) and building on our performance-based compensation system (PBCS) to support student achievement in East St. Louis School District 189.  

Contact Us:

Tracee Wells, Mentor Resident Leader


Phone:  618-646-3000

Katina Perry, Department Secretary


Phone: 618-646-3343

Teacher Residency Program Email: