• Now Enrolling for the 2022-2023 School Year!

    The Vivian Adams Early Childhood Center is now accepting enrollment applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. Each application lists the types of documents needed to complete the enrollment process. When completing the document, please provide the most up-to-date information. Printed Enrollment Applications are available at the school. Please complete each section and provide your Name/Signature where required.

    School Physicals are only valid for 1 calendar year, and Immunization Records must be current - so please submit the most up-to-date documents with your child's enrollment application. Parents / Guardians of Returning Students should review their child's records to make sure that they will not expire before the start of the new school year.

    Please click one of the links below to complete the appropriate Enrollment Application.

    Returning Student Application

    Solicitud de Estudiante que Regresa

    New Student Application

    Solicitud de Estudiante Nuevo

    Enrollment Documents List  

    1. Child's Certified Birth Certificate
       (Please be aware that hospitals sometimes give new parents a certificate of birth with an inked print of their child's foot.
       This document is NOT a certified birth certificate.)
    2. Current Physical Examination
        (Please be sure to complete and sign the questionnaire on the back of the document.)

    3. Current Immunization Record
        (If you are submitting an immunization list from your child's doctor, the document must be stamped or signed by the doctor
        or a staff member from the doctor's office.)

    4. Income Verification
        (This documentation is required for each Parent / Guardian in the child's place of residence.)
        Examples are:
        - Two current pay stubs
        - SSI benefits statement
        - TANF benefits statement
        - SNAP benefits statement
        - W2 Form from the previous tax year
        - 1040 Form from the previous tax year
        - 1099 Form from the previous tax year
        - Unemployment benefits statement
        - Zero Income Statement
          (If you are unemployed and DON'T receive benefits from any agency, you must complete this form,
          which is available at Vivian Adams ECC and Katie Wright Elementary)
    5. Proof of Residency   
        2 of the following documents are needed:
        - Apartment / House Lease or Mortgage statement
        - Property Deed
        - Voter Registration Card
        - State Medical Card
        - Utility Bill from the enrollment address (gas / water / electric)
        - Statement of Residency
          (If you live with a relative or friend and your name is NOT on a Utility Bill or the Lease, you must complete a Statement of                    Residency, which is available at Vivian Adams ECC / Katie Wright Elementary. When submitting this document, you must
          provide a copy of that person's valid I.D. or Driver's License and a copy of a Utility Bill showing that person's name and
          the address being used to enroll your child in school.)

    6. Valid Driver's License or State I.D. card for Primary Parent / Guardian
    The Enrollment Screening Process  

    Students enrolled in the preschool program at Vivian D. Adams Early Childhood Center and Dr. Katie Harper Wright Elementary School must participate in a two-phase enrollment screening process.

    During the first phase, a Telephone Screening is completed with one of our staff members. This phase usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete. During the second phase, an In-Person Screening, your child must participate. A staff member interacts with the child and watches them perform age-related tasks to the best of their ability. This phase of the screening usually takes 30-45 minutes.

    NOTE: Screening results do not generate a Pass/Fail score. The score is used to identify areas of development that need more attention in the classroom.


    Welcome To School: A Preschool Orientation

    If you have received confirmation of your child's enrollment at our school, please review "Welcome To School: A Preschool Orientation." The information shared through the link will answer many questions you may not have had the chance to ask.